• EMPTY NESTERS: What if . . . you could spend quality time together to rediscover the fun factor as a couple?

  • WEDDING COUPLES (or Parents): What if . . . you could learn basic ballroom steps so onlookers would be envious of your smooth moves?

  • CRUISE LOVERS: What if . . . you could learn fun, cool moves so you shine on the night club dance floor?

  • SINGLES: What if you could be dancing and meeting new people at a local dance this weekend? No more standing on the sidelines! Learn (and practice) my beginner steps. You might just catch someone's eye!

Meet Pam Wood

DVIDA Jr. Associate Certified Ballroom Dance Instructor

"I've been teaching ballroom dancing to beginners just like you since 2008 so I'm very excited that you are about to make a commitment to learning ballroom dancing!

Some people call it ballroom dancing or social dancing; some call it partner dancing. I use the terms interchangeably. It is dancing with a partner as one unit.

And, although there is a Leader and a Follower, dancing is a partnership as you move across the dance floor. There is give and take on each side. It's learning how and when to execute basic cues (Leaders) and learning how and when to react to those physical and visual cues (Followers). Once you learn the basics of one dance you can apply your new skills to other dances as well.

So let's get started! Set aside about 45 minutes at least once a week (just as if you were taking a local group class). Dance when you are feeling fresh, relaxed and open to learning. The patterns in the resource library are just like what I teach locally.

Once you've danced through the lessons with me I recommend you set aside 20 minutes a day for "maintenance" dancing so that you build muscle memory (i.e. let your brain catch up to your feet or vice versa!). More dance time is even better. And, if you get stuck, you can always post a question in my VIP group and we'll work to get you "unstuck!"

The next step is for you to go to a local dance and have a great time!

The more you dance, the better you get; the better you get, the more you dance"! Quote ~ Ballroom Made Simple

See you on the dance floor!"
Meet Pam Wood, certified ballroom dance instructor

Student Testimonials

John and Michele

Cruise Bound

John and Michele

“Thanks to Pam and Ballroom Made Simple, for the first time in my life I was able to take my lady to the dance floor and feel totally comfortable. We recently cruised to Bermuda and danced every night to the bands aboard the ship. If you are remotely considering enhancing your life by adding the ability to dance to your life, Ballroom Made Simple is the class for you.”
Michelle and Jory

Wedding Prep

Michelle and Jory

“We absolutely loved our ballroom experience with Pam Wood. Keep an eye out for her class schedule and take a chance. She gives you the time to learn each step and there is incredible joy that comes with learning to dance.”
Perry and Daniela

"It exceeded my expectations"

Perry and Daniela

My wife and I were first timers last month. Class started. Moves seemed difficult. Awkward laughs. Yet by last dance - the entire room was dancing - it was beautiful and really exceeded expectations- thanks Pam Wood. Jan. 2020

Isn't it time to bring back the FUN FACTOR to your life with Ballroom Dancing so you can become more social?

Begin your dance journey with Ballroom Made Simple now so you become a more confident dancer for your next Date Night or Wedding Reception!

I've been teaching beginner students how to dance since 2008. Now I'm bring my teaching and training to you!

NO More Sitting on the Sidelines for you!

My Ballroom Dancing VIP Facebook Group is your support home base for beginner ballroom dancers just like you!

For about .60 cents a day, for as long as you subscribe, you'll receive access to my online resource library in my private Facebook group:

*DANCE lessons for the popular social dances: Foxtrot, Swing, Waltz and more!

*FUNDAMENTALS like how to hold your partner so that you look nice on the dance floor

*TIPS so you become a successful Leader and Follower


ALL provided so that you can dance with your partner with more confidence!

If you are committed to learning how to dance now and you are ready to take your first step, click the button below to start right now!

And you get all of this for the price of one large pizza!

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NOTE: You will need a Facebook Login to access the VIP group and a PayPal account for your recurring subscription.

(Sorry, no refunds but you can cancel at anytime, before your next billing cycle.)

What do you say? Shall we dance?

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